A Simple Solution To Complex Tax Credits & Incentives.

Tax Incentive Group delivers comprehensive solutions designed to simplify high-value, complicated tax credits and incentives nation-wide. Take advantage of our expertise to leverage savings for your business.

Tax credits and incentives require a complex workflow of paper filings and electronic submissions, an understanding of state agencies, and in-depth knowledge of each program’s rules and restrictions with procedures and processes that must be adhered to. At Tax Incentive Group, we simplify the process from start to finish by identifying eligible employees, completing paperwork and managing the certification process.


Tax Incentive Group Reviews.

“Thank you for working with UNICCO Service Company in obtaining a $1.9 million dollar tax credit. After reviewing several proposals we decided to contract with your company for the following reasons. Your approach and professionalism in understanding exactly what UNICCO needed to achieve, at the same time, not trying to pressure us into doing more than made sense for our industry were major factors in our decision.”

Director of Payroll, UGL UNICCO
“As a McDonald’s franchise, we were aware that tax credits were available but the process in which we had to follow in the past was too cumbersome for the restaurant staff to make the credits worthwhile. You and your company assisted us with developing a procedure that removed the burden from the ever busy restaurant managers and made the procedure much easier and simpler to follow.”
Human Resources Manager, McDonald's Franchisee
“The minimal amount of time spent in gathering the necessary information is well worth the effort. Your report saves me time and provides me information that allows me to do tax planning throughout the year. Its been like Christmas every time we receive our refund checks from the IRS.”
Controller, Bistro Bis

Our Tax Recovery Programs.

  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) – A federal income tax credit is available for hiring individuals that are members of certain targeted groups. The credit ranges from $1,200 to $9,600, depending on the targeted group of the new employee. READ MORE >
  • Long-Term Family Assistance Recipient Tax Credits – This target group provides businesses with an incentive to hire long-term family assistance recipients. READ MORE >
  • State Tax Credits – State tax credits vary from state to state. Virtually every state has incentives for businesses who create jobs, make capital investments, operate or expand within economic development zones or enterprise communities and improve their workforce through training or educational programs. READ MORE >
  • Federal Empowerment Zone Tax Credits – Tax savings of up to $3,000 are available for each employee who works at a business in a designated zone and resides in the same zone. READ MORE >
  • Indian Employment Tax Credits – Providing a credit against your federal income tax up to $4,000 annually per qualified employee, the Indian Employment Credit incentivizes businesses located on an Indian reservation to employ tribal members.  READ MORE >
  • FICA Tips Credits – A tax credits for companies with employees who receive tips from customers for providing, delivering or serving food or beverages for consumption. This credit can be leveraged if tipping of employees is customary and the business incurred social security and Medicare taxes on those tips.  READ MORE >

Partners Spotlight.

Trustworthy & Knowledgeable.

Whether it’s claiming tax credits for the first time or looking for better results on your current initiatives, Tax Incentive Group has the knowledge and experience to identify and substantiate the credits most valuable to your specific business.

Tax Incentives Group handles some of the largest and most complex tax credit implementations in the industry, screening millions of people for tax credit incentive eligibility every year at thousands of client locations nationally.

Most employers don’t have time to invest in complicated tax credit programs and we are here to help. Partner with the Tax Incentive Group for a seamless integration into your business with optimal tax credits.